Since the Lerchennest is a parents' initiative, our kindergarten stands and falls with the commitment of the parents. The parents have considerably more tasks and "duties" with us than in a conventional kindergarten, but they also have considerably more scope for creativity and "rights".

Organisation of parental participation

Our kindergarten is organised by three board members who are elected every year by the members of the association and who perform their duties on a voluntary basis. They are responsible for the administration of the kindergarten, i.e. all organizational questions regarding personnel, financing, budget, admission of the children etc.. Since the bookkeeping of a kindergarten of our size is a very extensive task which cannot be shared, we have hired help for this. The personnel accounting is done by IBPro.

Every year, two Parents' Councils are elected per group. In addition to their actual role as representatives of the parents in the event of problems and wishes, they also have various other rights established in the rules of procedure of our association.

There is enough to do - and everyone pitches in

All parents are regularly called upon when repairs or other manual work are due in the kindergarten and of course also when it comes to organizing the joint kindergarten parties. Carpools are organized, and in case of illness of the teachers the parents help out in the groups.

There are also a number of working groups in which parents are responsible for larger tasks, e.g. recycling, gardening, shopping or the library.

In order to expand the offer for the children, the parents organize various courses in the afternoon, such as swimming, gymnastics, skiing, creative courses, etc..

Close exchange

The contact between parents and teachers or just among the parents is promoted by parents' evenings and regular meetings, which take place at irregular intervals.

For questions, problems and suggestions, the teachers can be contacted at any time or a meeting can be arranged at short notice. The parents are informed about what is planned for the near future by postings on our bulletin board, the board and other parents in the kindergarten newspaper.

Our aim is to create an atmosphere of trust between parents, team and board, which makes it possible to address problems openly at any time and to find common solutions.


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