We are a parent-child initiated German-English kindergarten. This means that we, as parents, take the childcare of our own and other children into our own hands.

Lerchennest was founded in 1993 by a group of parents and teachers who wanted to improve the kindergarten situation at the time in northern Munich.

We have the capacity for a total of 55 children between the ages of 2 and 6 years. Since 01.09.2019 the groups are mixed. There are three groups: Our Butterfly, Sunshine, and Rainbow Group, with each having room for 16 children of ages between 3 and 6.

As well, there is a Playgroup, the “Nesthäkchen” for children between the ages of 2 to 3 years. This Playgroup takes a maximum of 8 children.

Early music education at Lerchennest

All children at Lerchennest get to enjoy music class once a week. The class is held by our motivated and qualified music teacher.

Nesthäkchen (2-3yrs old):
Simple children's songs, rhymes, play songs, dance songs, finger games, getting to know small percussion instruments e.g. drum, tonewood, nut clappers...

4 years old:
"Der Musikater" (the musical tomcat) accompanies the kids through the whole year, as a hand puppet and a musical playbook that acts as a bridge between music class at kindergarden and home. Together with the parents we build a musical instrument e.g. rain maker, guitar, claypot drum...

5 years old:
Musikfantasie 1, a lovely musical playbook that speaks to the children and animates them to perform little drawing and writing exercises. We learn our first mucic notes and get to know orchestra instruments.

6 years old:
Musikfantasie 2, and the chance to learn a wonderful little musical instrument: the glockenspiel. Also on the agenda: an excursion to a real church organ and a class of young wind players.

Now all children are well prepared and skilled to learn another instrument. Every music school requests proof of at least two years of early music education - upon leaving Lerchennest, all our kids receive this certificate. And even if your little one doesn't want to learn an instrument, it has still benefited from our basic music program in a multitude of ways.

Every year at the Lerchennest summer fest, our children get the opportunity to perform, dance, sing or even play an instrument in front of an excited audience.

The main goal of early music education is to keep and strengthen our natural interest in music. It fosters the children's mind- and skillsets in the following areas:
Voice: Singing and talking
Movement and dance
Listening to music
Getting to know instruments
First experiences with music theory

Early education means in this context:
Forming of interests

Besides the "musical" aspects, early music education also playfully speaks to and fosters important elements of a child's personality such as:
their joy of playing
their fantasy
their emotional world
their perception and willingness to learn
enjoying their own body and their senses
being in contact with other kids and their environment

The music classes are tailored to the children/groups and the respective situation.

Other offers

Once a week (only for pre-school kids).

Once a year, the pre-school-children are having three-day (two nights) farm holidays. The other children can spend a night in the kindergarten during that time.


Once a week, we have Muesli day at Lerchennest. On this day, all kids enjoy a yummy and versatile muesli for snack time. They do so as a joint group activity and therefore benefit from the healthy nutrition as well as the social aspects.

We order our balanced and warm lunch from a regional restaurant. This way, we can ensure it is always delivered fresh and warm.