Our space

Ground floor

On the ground floor is the office as well as the Butterfly Group, with a maximum of 16 children between the ages of 3 and 6 years. Furthermore there is a separable exercise room on the ground floor, which also functions as a music room.


Upstairs are the rooms of the Sunshine Group and the Rainbow Group, each consisting of a maximum of 16 children (these rooms also function as the lunch area). These groups also have their own respective wardrobe and toilets. Additionally on the upper floor there is the kitchen, the break out room for the teachers, staff toilets and a small, bilingual library, in which daily group lunch is served and weekly preschool classes take place.


Our outside area consists of an enclosed, paved playground with an emergency slide from the upper floor, and a sandbox in front of the building. There is also a small yard in the back of the building with a wooden playhouse and a water and sand play area. All groups have the opportunity to play in either the front or back yards on a daily basis (weather permitting), or to go to the playground in the nearby park (5-minute walk).

The park is located between Gundermannstrasse and Weitlstrasse and is very spacious. It can accommodate multiple groups at the same time. This gives the children the opportunity to interact with each other outside of their respective groups. The park offers enough space to run, climb and play and gives the kids the opportunity to make their own discoveries in nature.

The kindergarden groups also go on a number of excursions in and around Munich throughout the year. The older groups spend 3 days on a farm once a year.