Our concept

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The Lerchennest’s pedagogic goals are based primarily on the general principles of the 2005 Bavarian Education and Childcare Act (Bayerisches Kinderbildungs- und Betreuungsgesetz- BayKiBiG) and its implementation regulations and the Bavarian Education and Childcare Plan (BEP) Our main objectives are: The achievement of basic and key skills, meaning a child’s fundamental ability to interact with others and approach his or her surroundings with curiosity.

Our pillars are:

  • Self-identity, self-esteem, a positive sense of self
  • Social competence: Interaction with others and accountability for oneself and others; the recognition of one’s own limits and those of others; techniques for dealing with conflict.
  • Emotional competence: Awareness of one’s own emotional condition, sense of self, self-esteem, development of empathy and compassion.
  • Cognitive competence: Particularly in the areas of perception, memory, creativity and imagination as well as problem-solving
  • Physical competence: Responsibility for one’s health and physical well-being, gross and fine motor skills

Education in kindergarten

We define education as a process of learning that occurs in the social and cultural framework of the interaction between children and adults. Education is never an isolated learning offer, but a learning process that occurs anywhere active children are present. The development of fundamental abilities and values are central to our concept. This can only work if children are provided with a safe as well as a stimulating environment, in which the adults are the role models. Children have a right to independence and need the opportunity to make mistakes from which they can learn.

Collaboration with other institutions

As a member of the KKT (contact and advice point for parent initiatives), we receive regular and efficient support with all organisational issues and staff questions and regarding skill enhancement.

In association with AOK, we take part in the teeth-cleaning initiative run by the city of Munich.

In cooperation with the primary school ‘Waldmeisterschule‘ we offer children from families, whose main language is not German, a special German course (Vorkurs Deutsch).

Quality Assurance

Guaranteeing the quality and professionalism of our work and daily routine in the kindergarten is a major concern for us. We do this in the following ways in our kindergarten:

  • Observation and documentation
  • Educational exchange within the team: every Monday
  • Training and skills enhancement
  • Meetings with parents
  • Parent workgroups
  • Team meetings with the managing committee and parent representatives
  • Parent evenings: 2 big parent evenings, 1-2 group evenings per year, more if necessary
  • Concept days, project planning day
  • Parent surveys
  • Regular reflection and optimisation of concept
  • Supervision at regular intervals