The kindergarten Lerchennest is organized and registered as a non-profit association under the name of Eltern-Kind-Initiative "Lerchennest" e.V. (parent-child initiative). Here you can find information about the board and its tasks, as well as the statutes of the association and a list of our friends and patrons.

The Board

Nafiseh Chamani

Nafiseh Chamani

1st Board (Finances)
Sarah Kiank

Sarah Kiank

2nd Board (Personnel)
Carmen Smyk

Carmen Smyk

3rd Board (Organisation)

The Executive Board performs two main tasks:

1. The legal representation of the association externally (e.g. by signatures at contracts such as rental or employment contracts, as well as for application and proof of use)

2. The management of the association (this includes all activities of the board for the association)

Procurement and use of equipment and working materials, including budgetary applications and proofs of use

Overview of running costs

Personnel search, recruitment

Employment contracts, certificates

Messages to the clearinghouse

Personnel administration

Personnel management: team talks, trainings etc.

Search for and admission of new children

Parents' services

Parents' evenings

Contracts with parents

Rental contract and/or contact to the landlord

Control over the association's finances, e.g. ensuring solvency

Control over the correct payment of fees, taxes, insurance and ancillary personnel costs

Monitoring of compliance with contracts, e.g. rental contracts, employment contracts, agreements with the Youth Welfare Office

Monitoring compliance with deadlines, e.g. budget applications to the Youth Welfare Office, tax returns, etc.

The Statutes

As a registered, non-profit association the Lerchennest naturally also has a statute in which the following points are regulated:

  • Name, registered office and business year (§1)
  • Purpose of the association (§2)
  • Non-profit status (§3)
  • Membership (§4)
  • Association contributions (§5)
  • Organs of the association (§6)
  • General meeting (§7)
  • Parents meeting (§8)
  • Management Board (§9)
  • Amendments to the statutes, changes to the rules of procedure and dissolution of the association ($10)

The complete statutes (German version) of Lerchennest e.V. can be found here for download.

Friends and patrons

We would like to thank our numerous friends and patrons as well as the Department for Education and Sport of the City of Munich for their great support in the form of donations in kind and money!

Augenoptik Westermeier
Papeterie Krause
Raiffeisenbank München-Nord eG

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